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Pair of BEAR Labs SE Mosfet Amps!!

I have one "extra" pair of the BEAR Labs SE Mosfet Amps available.
These are electrically and electronically identical to each other with
some slight cosmetic differences. This pair served as a demo pair
and a prototype pair as the amp line evolved.

As you might expect, I'm "amp heavy" here, so these should find a good home.

The SE Mosfet amp is DC coupled, uses NO servo inside the signal path,
is rated at 35 watts (approx) into 8 ohms. It is a very clear sounding
amp, and does not even have an inductor in series with the output Mosfets.
(most amps do, and this messes with the square wave response) The SE Mosfet
amp will pass a really clean square wave, which is one sign of a great amp.

The power supply uses a real "Pi" filter and over 250Va of toroidal power
transformer. It is really CLASS A, Single-Ended operation, as it dissipates
over 125 watts of heat!!

The amp "thinks it's a triode." So, it will merge well with real triodes in any
sort of multi way active crossover system, or works great full range. I thought
that many triode users would like this amp on the bottom end and their triodes
on top.

Many of these were sold as kits, and many were sold as assembled units and are
still in service. I'm asking $1200.00  for the PAIR, plus shipping (UPS-able).
They weigh about 35 lbs each, if I remember correctly.

Please Email me for more information, or questions.

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