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What is Custom Shop?

BEAR Labs can build exactly the audio equipment that you want or need.
BEAR Labs also does custom mods on most amps, preamps, and related equipment,
tube or solid state.

Virtually all of the BEAR Labs product line is both handcrafted, and limited production.
I make nothing by automated assembly line means - which gives you both attention to details,
the highest quality construction and the opportunity to request custom items. This includes the
use of specific brand name components (like Vishay, Caddock, Holco, etc...) and special materials
and finishes.

In addition to modifications of existing product lines, I specialize in developing, designing,
fabricating, and delivering items made to your specification, especially for your exact need
and application! Nothing is out of the question!

What about modifications to other brands of equipment? I do that too. If you have equipment
that needs upgrade or modification, please contact me.

How Custom Shop Works

Custom Shop Rates

The base shop rate at BEAR Labs is $45/hr., with a single set up charge of $40.

However, for most Custom Shop projects, I will try to quote you a single price for the job
whenever possible. The quoted price is a guide, unless otherwise agreed, that represents
a best estimate in advance of doing the work. Usually, this is very close to the final price, but
there are uncertainties whenever venturing into new waters. I try to quote realistic, and
reasonable prices, rather than inflate my prices to encompass both uncertainties and make
huge profits.

A non-refundable, working deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required in advance of the
start of work.

How Custom Shop Works

Usually what happens is that a client who already has a BEAR Labs product says "where can
I get a..." or "can you make me a..." The next step is to talk about what the client is thinking
about, and find out IF he/she really needs what they are talking about, and if so what the best
way to get the job done might be. Sometimes, I can make a modification to an existing product
that will do the job perfectly. Other times, it is necessary to build a new piece from scratch.

In the case that we need to build something from scratch, there are built-in expenses and
overheads. These same costs are there for every product I build, but in the case of a standard
product (like Silver Lightning) these costs are spread out - a small amount is part of each one
that is sold. So, if you are concerned about keeping your price as low as possible, then the
only way to do that is to make and sell more than one !! I encourage those Custom Shop clients
who want to save some money and still acquire a custom shop project to try to bring together
as many like-minded audio friends as possible to participate. In some cases I may also know
of clients who might be interested, and I will contact them (it might be you!) when I have a
new project coming up that might be interesting to them. The greater the number of units
made, the lower the cost per unit - this can provide substantial savings for you.

How much time for delivery?

How much time will it take before delivery? Longer than either one of us would like!!
Having said that (and shooting myself in the foot, in the process...) it is important to
understand that anything that is custom takes TIME to do RIGHT. Every single operation
is being done for the first time for your project. Everything has to be worked out, and
made to work right, before it leaves the Custom Shop. That's the difference between
store bought and custom. Is it worth the wait? You bet.

There is always an estimate for delivery date made, and updated throughout the project. You
won't be left wondering what is going on.

More...  (there's more to be added as I build the Custom Shop pages but for now,
please contact me personally for more information or to place your order - thanks.)