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Usually most websites want you to buy something immediately. Buy it right then and now!
Their idea is that if it's fast and easy, like a "shopping carts" and credit cards,  you'll be
more likely to make an "impulse" purchase. 

While this is a good way to market some things, it's not  the way that I prefer to do business with my
clients. And, that's just the point, I see the people who buy from me, or commission me to do work, as
clients - not just a way to make money. I want you to take your time and be completely sure of what 
your are going
to purchase from me, and know me and my products. Along the way, quite a few folks 
who have acquired
BEAR Labs products and services from me have become friends as well. 
That's how I prefer to do things.

So, the best way to order from me is to contact me personally by either email, phone or (gasp!) letter!
That way I can work with you to meet your needs precisely and correctly, and you can find out what
I can best do for you. 

Think of BEAR Labs as if you were like the Kings of historical Europe and could afford to have the best
artisans in the land at your disposal.

To email, just click here: email BEAR Labs

I greatly prefer email contact, since phone calls take too much time out from working on your orders!!

If it is necessary to phone, please call at any time, if I am available I will personally answer this line. If not,
please leave a message including:

    your name
    your phone number(s) and area code
    when you can be best reached at that number
    and exactly what you are calling about

    The phone number at BEAR Labs is: 518 756-9894

It may take some time before I can call you back - if you do not hear back, please email or leave the message
again - answering machine messages do sometimes get lost.

If you prefer to write, the address at BEAR Labs is:

140 Jennings Road
Hannacroix NY 12087


How to place the order??

After some communication where you are sure of what you need, and I am sure of what you want,
you'll need to confirm your order.  Via email if you contacted me on email. You can tell me over the
phone too or write a letter. But regardless, I won't actually do anything on your order until two items
are here: the list of exactly what you are ordering and a 25% deposit if only standard
items are ordered, OR a 50% deposit if any custom items are part of the order.  Of course, most
folks send the payment in full. So, before work can start on your order, the order has to be confirmed
and the deposit sent. All items must be paid in full either before receipt or upon receipt (COD). No 
work will be done on a verbal order without some sort of payment being accepted first.

This makes life easier for all. On again, off again orders merely make problems for everyone. Established
clients often have the deposit requirement waived entirely. But, actually they are the first to
send an email followed by a check with an order!!


I can now accept Credit Cards via PayPal.

This works out fine. There is a 3% additional fee associated with PayPal that will be added to the
bill. Contact me via email for the appropriate account information to make a payment via PayPal.


I can't recall there ever being a cancelled order, but I suppose there should be a provision in case it happens.
So here it is.
After a deposit is received, there will be a $50.00 charge to cover the bookeeping and the hairpulling!

When can I expect delivery??

Generally speaking, all of my products, and especially the Custom Shop items are made to
order, for you, per your order. BEAR Labs products are not stocked in a pre-made, pre assembled form.
BEAR Labs products are not being made overseas and imported in bulk containers.
In some cases I will do "runs" of a particular item, especially 1m Silver Lightning, but they
don't usually stay around a very long time, and clients usually order other sizes as well. So,
this means that I have a production schedule, and your project is put on that list.

This means that it's NOT INSTANT!! If you are used to dumping your credit card over the
computer or phone line and getting a Fed Ex the next day - this isn't that place! I can explain
why in very simple terms: when you want instant food you eat at "Mc Burgers", when you want fine
food, it takes time and is worth the wait.

I try to give a reasonable projection for shipping, and will notify you via email (preferably)
when it ships and what the tracking number is.

Somewhere in here I need to explain my purchase & return policies.

Here's the quick and simple version - I'll put a more complete statement up as soon
as I can. (gee... how many pages will that be!!) If you have any questions , be sure to ask!

-Silver Lighting Interconnects w/RCA plugs, of 1m & 1.5m lengths are "standard" items.
This means that you have 30 days to try and test them, with a full refund less shipping
(both ways) if the product is returned in as-new condition. Obviously, product that has
been damaged, broken, or cosmetically altered is no longer saleable. Smokers please note,
smoke clings to cables and is very difficult to remove, so smokers should ask me first for
my smokers return policy. Generally, I try to be as flexible as possible, and since there
are very, very few returns of Silver Lightning. No one has actually been charged on a return
in a long time. That last time was when a pet chewed on some 2 meter interconnects!

ONLY Silver Lightning & Silver Thunder cables are subject to a 30 day return policy.

- ALL OTHER PRODUCTS and variations are "Custom Shop" items,

- NEW!!  Silver Lightning "custom" &  any Silver Thunder when ordered as a complete
system's worth are now returnable with a restocking fee, 15% of the selling price (still
subject to the "as-new" return condtion requirement). A system's worth means speaker cable
and interconnect enough to make at least one complete signal path.

Generally speaking, once you have ordered and commissioned work, you
own the item(s). The labor for that work has already been done and completed on your behalf.
All Custom Shop items require at least a 50% deposit, in advance. In some cases, for well
established clients, I may waive the deposit. IF you are truly unhappy with a Custom Shop
commissioned item, I will try to work with you to resolve the problem. As before, this
has almost never, ever happened. No matter what, if a case like this ever arose, I  would want
to find an amicable resolution.

(..please keep in mind that I can not operate the way large corporations do. On the other hand I can 
and do provide personal attention and attention to detail that they can and do not.

Delivery: I send the product as soon as I have it ready. It takes time to do the
job right. This is not an 'overseas import' operation, I do not have "solder slaves"
turning out product, it is all done by hand, slowly and correctly. So, while I do
as much as possible, sometimes there are delays due to everything including the
weather. I will make every effort to let you know the anticipated delivery date
upon receipt of your order, and to keep you informed IF there are any problems.
IF you are on email, I generally email to confirm the shipment and receipt. In the
event of delays, your kind understanding is appreciated.

Carriers: For most things, I use UPS & UPS COD. If you like I can ship FedEx.
BEAR Labs will choose the carrier that is best for the job unless specifically agreed
to in advance. (I'm preferring FedEx for CODs lately)
Overseas customers should expect to have some discussion as to the best method,
although it usually ends up being FedEx. Other carriers can be considered upon request.

- NON NORTH AMERICAN orders can NOT be sent COD. I generally require
100% payment in advance, although in certain areas other arrangements are possible.
Bank transfers are acceptable. Please inquire. -

Symphony No.1 amplifiers ONLY ship via TRUCK or FED EX (heavyweight service)
and can be shipped worldwide.

I offer in-home set up services and consulting services - please inquire.

RETURNS: In order to make a return you must contact me first, and get a RETURN
AUTHORIZATION!! Returns received without authorization are a problem and a pain-
so please contact me first and avoid any problems!! Of course, I don't get many
returns, so for all intents and purposes this is here just in case of emergency! :- )

Refunds: Refunds will be issued after the return has been received and evaluated. BEAR
Labs reserves the right to take up to 30 days after the receipt of the return to issue
the refund check. This has never happened.

More: There's doubtless more, but that will have to wait...