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I'm offering up some custom made binding posts that I had made especially for situations
where I needed a binding post that will make it through two layers of MDF, as is usually
the case when you are building a speaker cabinet !

I call them "Long Tail Binding Posts."  Here they are:

Long Tail Speaker Cabinet Binding Posts

These are made from Brass, CNC machined to spec. They will accept a spade lug that is
>0.230 (about 1/4") opening or larger. The top end will also accept a banana plug, although
I don't personally recommend using banana plugs except when working out crossovers and
"L" pads.

Here's a close-up:

Binding Post Closeup

The length from the beginning of the threaded area (left) to the hex shoulder (right) is 1.75".
The usable length is about 1.5".  For extra thick cabinets, it can be necessary to counter bore
the inside (I use a wide flat wood bit). But, regardless of what Binding Post you've been using
- these will allow to go through a greater thickness often with no counter boring. As far as I
know, these are the  l o n g e s t  Binding Posts around!

The fat nut is the one is in stock now- it is plated gold.
This is the same thread that Cardas uses.

These Binding Posts are being supplied as machined, they are not polished to a high brightness.
If you want them bright polished, you can request that from me (at an added cost) or you can use a
rouge wheel or hand polish and do it yourself. You could also take these to your local plating shop and have
them flashed with pure silver. The threads are overcut enough to handle about 1 mil of plating
without binding the nut. Regardless you can use them as they are, as I often have.

I usually use them with two washers, one outside and one inside. This keeps the pressure generated
by tightening the nut from pulling the binding post into the wood. The diameter of the shaft is
5/16", so you can select a washer from your local hardware store to fit. They usually sell brass
washers which look nice too.

For labeling the "+" and "-" I have used two methods, one is to use two different color
(material) washers and/or to paint them before installing, or to use a paint pen to color
the smooth area on the nut, or the hex area on the shaft (or both).

Wire attaches to a hole in the inside end of the Binding Post, and is large enough to accept
about a 6 ga. wire! The actual internal diameter is 0.215". For small gauge wires you can
consider carefully drilling a small hole on the end of the barrel - but be sure that you have
installed the binding post and mounted the nut first before soldering  in the wire!!


It will take some heat to solder the speaker wire to the Binding Post. I suggest using an 800
degree tip on a temperature controlled iron, or else a large solder gun or standard iron. There's
a lot of metal there, and Brass is a good conductor of heat.

The technique to use for "normal" gauge wire (10ga and under) is to place the tip of the iron
inside the hole, and apply the solder to the gap between the iron's tip and the inside of the
hole, tinning the surface. Then, I usually use a hemostat (locking forceps) to clamp the wire
to the inside wall, I apply heat to the inside area at the junction of the wire and wall - adding
solder inside the hole and at the same junction, until it flows and fully fills the hole.

There are alternate methods that will work well too, but keep in mind it is usually better to
NOT put the iron on the outside of the barrel, since a build up of solder there can prevent
the nut from sliding on - you also want to be very sure to not get solder into the threads,
as it will be difficult to clean that up. Although having said that, I have successfully heated
the barrel from the outside.

I have also installed the wire onto the Binding Post on the bench and then installed that
assembly through the hole! (don't forget the nut!)  :- o

At this time there is a limited but reasonable quantity of these in existence, so it's first
come first serve. Some of the inventory I will have to hold back in reserve for future


    2 sets (4 binding posts) @ $45.00

    4 sets (8 binding posts) @ $80.00

2.15.02 - OK, I've reviewed files on my costs for these, and I've decided to blow
them out at very close to cost. So:

   NOW 4 sets (8 binding posts) @ $67.00 !!

(limited quantity left!)

To order, please email !

Please add $6.50 for shipping in the USA via US Mail.
FedEx/UPS is available per cost.